Significance of the Swiss watch Rolex head logo

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Swiss watches table head on there will be icons, and cars, watches trademark of LOGO is absolutely necessary to face a conspicuous place in the Ming, LOGO are generally graphics, there are the letters of the alphabet, such as watch the full name or abbreviation or prefix. The icons can be considered the head table to watch a beautiful landscape, represents factory original Seiko secret agents; fake watch fake often do well in the nuances, the the fuzzy rough is a common problem. In Rolex watches in the head, there will be some logo identification on in the the Rolex Crown GOLO following, expressed in dots or dashes, dots, one, 2, and 3, these logos represent the watch case material, but also on behalf proceed with the case and the structure.

(1) dot represents watches PT950 platinum case, this precious metal is a significant proportion to watch weigh up pressure of the hand;

(2) two representatives of origin watch with 18K white gold or gold case;

(3) three origin of the trouble some, the first table head diameter more than 6 mm, should be 7 mm, this table is usually used to watch Case diameter 40 mm or more, while the standard Rolex watches men the Style case diameter is about 36 mm, rather than with the head table is 6 mm in diameter, and the smaller watch, the table head diameter 5.3 mm.

(4) dash up the dash like a "wildcard" on behalf of the watch case is double waterproof, tables made of 18K gold, 18K gold + stainless steel, or pure stainless steel, Rolex watches, this configuration is the most common.

The three origin can also understand it as a triple waterproof, with this type of table to watch, handle the outside of the head tube visible waterproof sealing gasket. Based on triple waterproof watch case material use platinum, then in the middle of the three origin which will be relatively small; watch Case material 18K white gold, 3 on both sides of the origin will be relatively small .

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